We learnt about sexual reproductive health for excelling girls in STEM, on this we learnt about adolescence which is a critical development stage and also we learnt about puberty which is the stage of sexual development /maturity of adolescence. We also learnt when changes of body occur, we should have high self-esteem especially when menstruation start.

We learnt that menstruation is the monthly flow of blood from the vagina. We discussed on how we can prevent ourselves from early pregnancy, we also discuss how to say NO to any relationship for now because we are still young. The class was a very interesting and interactive one and we love the new clap she taught us.

Our next class was on robotics which was an amazing class and we really loved it we build the robot which looking at manual, this part of the class taught us how to solve problems ourselves. We also fixed the micro bit which controls all the activity of the robot. We never imagined seeing a robot talk much more building one, it was an interactive class and so lovely we learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of robotics technology how it saves time, makes work easier and faster.

With our new robotic fan.

It also reduce stress of human being and improves technology. The disadvantages are robot are expensive to maintain, robot can’t think or act on their own or carry out a specific task without being given instruction by human being.

We now know how to fix a micro bit into the robot and we learnt about the three laws of robotics, which are: It must not injure a human being, we must keep it safe in a cool and dry environment. We love STEM BELLE for this opportunity to learn all this new things, they are perfect.

Our robotic fan.

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