Today’s activities was so much fun and interesting, we learnt a lot of things about one health approach and STEM career opportunities. We were taught that one health connects between animal health, human health, and environmental health. We also learnt about animal science climate change and how can we protect ourselves in the future,

Our instructor encouraged us to focus on our studies and also told us about the different career in STEM like microbiologist, robotic engineer, chemist, and health and safety engineer e.t.c.  for our robotics class we learnt how to build street light using a robot,  we also played a game using  spaghetti to build a tower  house but unfortunately we lost and it is so painful and we know next time we will try more harder.

We won our robotics quiz competition and we were very happy about the gift we collected because it was the first gift we are collecting for the first time in the STEM BELLE boot camp and we really appreciate the gift we say a very big thank to Miss Doreen.

Finally, we learnt about how to design a presentation frame on canva for our article, it was such an interesting and interactive session and we really love it, more so at the end of every session we always have a post on our web site.

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